Sunday, June 6, 2010

The grim realisation

when the standard of living in a society is higher than ever, you have to find something to stride determindly towards, or something to infatuate yourself with and throw yourself blindly towards it , base your life around. Education , career , family (or as is comon in democratic concrete jungles of corruption - getting as filthy rich as possible) these are the usual ideals in our minds...the key to happieness and contempt.
you better have set yourself a path (even if its vague) by the time you become an adult.
because if you realise you havnt got all that much to lose.
you start to think: well so what if i dont get an education, so what if i dont become rich i dont need this.....ill lay back and let society pity and take care of me....i can just go on the dole...

This the thought you should never come to.
This is and allways will be the deteriaration of the mind and eventual decomposition of the society.
Its so difficult to be determined to acheive something...when you know you wont starve to death if you dont get 600 points in your leaving cert..or get a high paying job.
Some philosopher or something once said something along the lines of: 'life is constant tension and relaxation', so without hardship, the contempt of overcoming it will not exist, and happieness could not exist.

when the society you live in is obese with lazy low-lives to be like myself, who have been pampered by life and initially find themselves having nothing to acheive...nothing to worries in general of primary survival....this is when we start thinking.....absolute bullshit, convincing yourself, feeling there is something missing. People would not be bothered with 'depression' if every day of their lives was centered around growing food, working and fighting for survival (and at the end of a hard day relax and appreciate and relish the ability to rest,if we still lived like this you wouldnt have time to think of things that have no neccesity of being thought about- like what our purpose is....or the now popular *why am i so unhappy?*

this is when you realise the developed world is unatural.
I dont know why we are here, but its not for this.
Get out of yourself, stop living in a caged reality, a tortured dreamworld, a prison of self obsession, because when your emotional struggles are overpowering you,
you're probably just being a vain lazy asshole.
This is the time for change.

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