Sunday, August 8, 2010

spaces in between

god i havent posted in more than two months...i never feel the urge to write anything,
looking through my first posts i feel a bit silly...why do i take things so seriously, my fingers are itching to click the *delete* button but I've decided to keep them there, just for the sake of reminding myself....or making some sort of statement...of what i dont know maybe so i dont try and get all *deep* again...

So since then yeah...I've come to the conclusion which i allways knew about but only now believe in
Life isnt about getting fucked,
nobody thinks you're a ledgend for being the mess of the party,
you wont fill the trench of lonlieness inside you by getting with multiple partners you've never seen, heard of or taked to before...
you wont be praised as a player, you'll be branded a skank :]
some people sort of inwardly pride themselves on being a whore and yeah its funny for a while and I'm not judging or teaching anyone how to live their lives, but for me, that would be a twisted sort of concience...
I probably know all this allready,
blog, hahhhh

oh one more thing...I'm going to ENJOY myself from now on,
ya know...instead of thinking of why i cant enjoy myself

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