Saturday, June 11, 2011

I was lost in a Valley of pleasure

I was lost in the infinate sea
I was lost, measure for measure,

It was a life outside normal life, the festival was called 'Life'
and everyone there, with wild well wishing eyes that wished you to 'have a nice life'
In the midst of the love-buzz atmosphere hugs and handshakes feral dancing and embracing of all sorts
me and my girl climbed hand in hand up a green hill, at this stage we were peaking like dolphins on an acid buzz and it felt like my love for her and the world was consuming me, sounds bent but seriously no joke
So i turned to her and was all: 'Eva...this is one of the happiest moments of my life and we will remember this when we are we die, i willl never ever forget you or this weekend'
and i just remember her eyes widening and her entire face settling into the most euphoric and crazed smile.
Later looking around I said to my friends: 'who are all these people in the real world I wonder?In the distant life outside 'Life',
I thought to myself over and over again ~ these mad looking creatures, paint dirt and grins on their faces taking in the beauty of the surroundings through their dialated pupils (people really do look prettier with bigger pupils)
among these masses are
bank managers
shop keepers
waiters and waitresses s
solicitors ,judo intructors?,web designers,plumbers,chefs,well....drugdealers for sure,salesmen/women,fruit pickers,hairdressers
bin men
maybe even a few doctors and lawyers?? even an astronaut ? ;]

People that in another life~ the real life, have nothing in comon, here in this maaad forest-fantistic-intoxicating-hippy-land of "uppers downers and screamers" have themselves in comon,
We were all there,
and it didnt matter at the time how dismal the return to the real world was gonna be,
or how hard the approaching comedown would hit
everything seemed to fit into place
and everything was perfect

I was lost
and the cost
and the cost didnt matter to me
I was lost
and the cost, was to be outside society...

eva broke her fekin camera tho so not a single fucking proper picture UGHHHHH

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  1. Amusing poetry and so well written. I feel that way when I am living my passion.