Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Last night I dreamt the rapture was coming

I woke in cold sweat, I've had dreams like this before but never so vivid,
waking up in an empty house terrified and shaking.
The past two weeks have been a ridiculous binge of intoxicants of all sorts,
no day was left to welcome back a sober state of being,
carried away,
intense detachment from reality and regular bursts of hilarity and euphoria.
Unnatural,manufactured joy in unspeakable amounts.
That much happiness comes at a heavy price,
drifting to sleep with the presence of a heavy depression, followed by continuous dreams of how everything ends with a deafening sonorous siren,
and a frightening ending where we'd all be punished.
frightening stuff,
the morning only half washed the fear away.

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